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  • IP camera uninterrupted offline?

    Please check the IP address of the network camera whether there is a conflict, modify the camera's IP address!

  • AM-C739 focal length is maximum, the lose distance objects picture is not clear?

    The solution: AM-C739 zoom to the maximum, the lens 14.8mm, objects must be five meters away from the camera.

  • What should we do when the picture showed black and white even we connect the analog camera and the D

    Make sure the System of analog camera and the DVR are the same.(system N or P)

  • How to connect the cameras to the functional NVR

    Adding  cameras to the functional NVR is through RTSP protocol, so please select RTSP when choosing the connecting protocol.And select the Protocol Type:TCP
    URL connecting address for RTSP is:
    C Series:admin:[email protected]_0.h264    Main stream
                     admin:[email protected]_1.h264    Sub stream
    H Series:admin:[email protected]        Main stream
                     admin:[email protected]        Sub stream

  • Cameras can be connected to the NVR8004,but after double click the image, there is no picture

    NVR8004 it is only sub stream of the camera when you are previewing  NVR8004 in small window ,but after double click the image, it is using camera's main stream.So if the camera's main stream is 1600*1200,and after double click the image, there will be no picture.So please lower the main stream of the camera to 1280*720, and then there will be image there.

  • Cameras can be connected to the NVR8004 / 8009, but no image from the cameras via NVR.

    ① First, please make sure  there is image via IE
    ② Lower the camera' resolution to 1280*720 via IE,because the maximum resolution of the NVR is 1280*720.

  • NVR8004 can not be found IP, ping is not available? But can turn on

    (1) Check the network hardware connection is normal
    (2) Check the connection between cover panel and the body is ok.

  • The Mobile phone can not access the camera?

    Solutions: (1) the camera IP and your phone are in the same network ,please  enter the IP address ( example: related port, login account and password.
                     (2) If the phone and network camera is not in the same area network, please mapping the camera to Internet. Then enter the camera IP / domain name (for example: and related port, login account and password directly in your phone. Set the camera stream as QCIF (Our mobile terminal Preview sub-stream of the camera, probably because of the limited bandwidth of the mobile phone network, so reducing the resolution of the sub-stream). For details, please refer to the mobile client manual.

  • Why it can't work on the windows server?

    Because JS soft need direct 3D function about the graphic card on computer.Frankly speaking, most graphic card on computer should upgrade latest driver program. Or add a discrete graphics. Then click the the "Start" on the left-below corner,print " dxdiag", enter the interface of direct 3D.

  • When J-Surveillance access 960H Series, the host can see all images, but the client can not see the i

    Solution: Please use IE browser to log camera, choose the deputy stream

  • J-Surveillance can not be launched?

    The solution:
    A. Make Sure there is more than 8G ree space for disk which installed J-Surveillance
    B. Check the dongle is working well.

  • J-Surveillance can not be installed?

    The solution: a. currently only supports windows system computer.
              A. when installed in Windows7, please login your computer by “Administrator” account
              B. Before install this software, you have to exit anti-virus software program and firewall, successfully, restart them.

  • CMS can not see images?

    Solution: if can be seen the image by IE, it also can be viewed through CMS. But it is really can not see the image, mainly because you are not familiar with the CMS software, please look at the CMS manual or video tutorial:
             Drag online IPC IP address from configuration menu to monitoring area, then enter the IPC login account and password.
             In the preview window, select the window, and then double-click the camera icon in the IP address drop-down menu, the camera's image will display in the preview window in CMS.

  • Can not be installed some computers?

    The solution:
    a. computer's configuration requirements for the CMS software running are as follows:
                1 operating system: windows2000 or higher.
                2. CPU Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHZ or above.
                3. Memory 1G.
                4. Monitor: support 1024X768 or higher
    b. installed in the XP system:
       First install dotnetfx35.exe.
                2 then install vcredist_x86_2008.exe
                3. At last install the CMS client
    c. win 7 systems:
                 First install vcredist_x86_2008.exe.
                 2 then install the CMS client
    d. before CMS installed , close all IE windows.

  • Why do auto tracking speed dome cameras not operate the auto tracking function

    It needs to call the speed dome camera  80 preset position to realize  the auto  tracking function.

  • 960H series cameras, when the screen appears green stripes and flashing

    Please select PAL video formats in IE interface or NTSC

  • Why it can't control the PTZ and Dome?

    A. Make sure the wire connected is correct.
    B. Make sure the setting is correct, please set in the PTZ's hardware device.
    C. Make sure the addressing coordinated with its from PTZ or Dome.
    D. Make sure the protocol are agreed, you may contact us about details.

  • Camera can not see the object in night vision mood and can not automatically switch ir-cut.

    The solution: ir-cut damage. replace the ir-cut

  • Why it is too sensitive change the color image to black ?

    The sensitivity is up to the difference of photo resistor on the LED light board

  • Why the video is unclear?

    A. Check weather the camera glass and the lens are clear?
    B. May be you can readjust the focus length because the temperature's change.
    C. glass fogged because of inside mist, opening it and clear Please.

  • Camera POE function can not be achieved?

    (1) Please confirm whether this section models with POE module
    (2) The POE is divided into: PSE end and PD end
    (3) To achieve the POE function: need POE Switches (PSE end) and inside the camera with POE module (PD end).

  • Why does the POE not work?

    A. The camera's default POE power supply is 12\36, while the POE switch should match with it.
    B. Check the network is stable.
    C. It will result in the damage of camera, if the POE power adapter cannot supply at the same time.

  • why is the night video of infrared camera black.

    A. Check the infrared light, Is it work properly?
    B. Check the IR-CUT, Is it work properly?
    C. Check the infrared light in the CMOS of IE setting, Is it turn on?
    D. If it is the problem of CMOS, Please change another one.

  • Why the video picture color isn't normal?

    • IR-CUT’s witch direction is oppo sited. Change the control line.
    • Please check weather the image brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma are normal.

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